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RE: Long form legends


From: Joelle Tegwen
Date: May 31, 2005 10:51AM

It's bad for us to have <br>s inside the legend because Mac browsers wrap
the legend text automatically and if the browser window is smaller than we
predict then the legend scrolls and <br>s and it looks awful.



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Hi Christian,

> > Note the <br> tags in the legends. We need these for
> some browsers because
> > they don't wrap the legend automatically and some of
> those don't accept
> > styling on the legend tag.

> What you could do is only apply the BRs via scripting for certain
> browsers. That is the road to destruction though.

Why is it so bad to have <br> inside <legend>?

Are there any practical problems with screen readers or other ATs ?

Or is this basically a semantic approach (good code)?

Regards Rainer


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