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Re: Accessible popup menus


From: Tim Beadle
Date: Jul 29, 2005 8:53AM

On 7/29/05, Al Sparber < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
> If it comes up, I will. I'm just gathering evidence of fanaticism.

I hate to weigh in (no - I really do!) but it's not fanaticism, it's
clue: something you seem to sorely lack.

There are people here who, if approached in the right way (clue: not
the way you have), would have gladly and freely given their time and
expertise to help you make your product (which you don't give freely)

As it is, you go around insulting people who know more about
accessibility than I suspect you ever will - all for some menus that,
to be honest, I've seen done just as well if not better, but without
the $99 price tag.