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RE: checking flash for accessibility


From: L
Date: Aug 18, 2005 8:00AM

Tim Beadle wrote:

"I don't know about any other developers, but having to reboot my computer *just so I can test a web site for more than 30/40 minutes* seems, well, crap."

Agreed. I'm a Jaws user, but I try to keep my skills with other screen readers in some kind of order and it drives me scatty having to reboot each time a demo stops working.

Some time ago there was talk of Freedom Scientific making Jaws available to developers for a reduced price. UK distributors Sight and Sound were involved I believe:

I know there was something of a ruckus from users of Jaws, because they weren't happy with the fact it could be sold cheaply to developers and not consequently to the people who actually used the application. That's a sticky argument that could go around in circles indefinitely, but it could be worth contacting FS to see if anything came of this.

Otherwise, I'm always happy to look over something if it would be any use. I can't promise I'll always have the time to help, but if I do I'm happy to.