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RE: checking flash for accessibility


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Aug 18, 2005 10:00AM

> I don't know about any other developers, but having to reboot
> my computer *just so I can test a web site for more than
> 30/40 minutes* seems, well, crap. My computer stays running
> 24/7 with the screen locked overnight, so that all my
> programs (and heaps of Firefox tabs) are the same from day to day.
> The result? I won't be testing in Jaws or Window-Eyes...

Tink is right about trial versions being a decent solution, but not
ideal. If anyone is going in this direction, using Window-eyes 4.2,
4.5, or 5.0+ or JAWS 4.5 or 6.1+ (there are issues with Flash in JAWS

Tim, if you don't want to reboot your machine then this option is not
available to you and that's your decision. If you have a client who
wants Flash development you will spend more time in development if you
don't have a good testing strategy in place (e.g. working with someone
who does have a screen reader, having a copy yourself, scheduling time
at a local library/university). Any software application developer will
face the same issues, whether they develop in Flash, HTML/javascript,
C++, java, etc....


Andrew Kirkpatrick
Principal Accessibility Engineer, Macromedia