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Re: Css accessibility books


From: Christian Heilmann
Date: Aug 30, 2005 7:20AM

> Hi:
> I have not read all the big three or four books out on creating
> accessible web sites, so am asking out of ignorance only.
> Does one of the books out now include instructions for creating
> accessible web content using CSS primarily, as opposed to only HTML?
> Does one also include JavaScript accessible samples to "steal" from? It
> seems like this would be a resource well worth a book.

Dan Cederholm's Bullet Proof CSS has a chapter that deals with CSS for
non-CSS users, basically making sure that your CSS also works in
situations where images are turned off and other problematic
situations. His CSS examples are also geared towards resizable
designs. However, CSS styles, HTML defines and makes more accessible.


I am currently writing a chapter on "Accessible JavaScript" - which is
a bit of a misnomer - for a book published by Friends of Ed next Year
(they are still arguing about the title). Meanwhile you could take a
peek at my online self training course on unobtrusive Javascript:

Stuart Langridge also has released a rather cool book on the topic,
but it is more about how to create top notch clean JavaScript than
about accessible JavaScript:


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