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RE: Skip navigation coding


From: HAAveling
Date: Aug 30, 2005 8:00AM

I've fixed the problem below, but when I click on the 'expanded menu' link
the page jumps down but when I press Tab the page retuns to the second skip
nav link. In other words the focus remains at the top of the page. The page
is at http://users.powernet.co.uk/tanquen/dummy.htm.

I've also had to put a dead link in before the two other links because IE6
was reading the web address from the address bar, then the page title, then
the second link, jumping over the first one when Tab was used to
navigate.... Why? I'm confused.

BTW, Jim, did you recieve the screen shot I sent you direct?

At 23:26 29/08/2005, Jim Thatcher wrote:
>Hi Helen,
>1. Your skip links at the top of the page,
><a href="#localnav" title="go to expanded menu" name="localnav"></a>
><a href="#skip" title="begin main content" name="skip"></a>
>Need to have some content. There is nothing for anybody to see.
>2. The target must be a named anchor