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RE: Semantic structure of 'Minutes of a Meeting'


From: L
Date: Sep 1, 2005 4:00AM

John Foliot - Wats wrote:

"Here's a question for the list. I've been handed a document that is essentially the hand recorded minutes of a meeting. As presented, it takes the format of:

Speaker 1: "blah blah blah"

Speaker 2: "more mumble here"

Speaker 1: "Response, etc."

Speaker 3: "interjection here"


I am struggling over how I would mark this up semantically. To my thinking I have a few choices:


Thoughts and suggestions appreciated. Short time-lines..."

Depending on the text appended to each speaker, would a combination of headings and blockquotes work?

Assuming that you've employed some combination of h1 and h2 earlier in the document, perhaps something like:

<h3>Speaker 1:</h3> <blockquote>"blah blah blah"</blockquote>

<h3>Speaker 2:</h3> <blockquote>"more mumble here"</blockquote>

<h3>Speaker 1:</h3> <blockquote>"Response, etc."</blockquote>

<h3>Speaker 3:</h3> <blockquote>"interjection here"</blockquote>

Higher level headings could then be used to indicate the agenda headings or threads of conversation within the meeting.