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RE: Semantic structure of 'Minutes of a Meeting'


From: L
Date: Sep 1, 2005 8:00AM

Jez Lemon wrote:

"Personally, I would have chosen a definition list, with just the agenda items marked up as headings. The definition list would provide the semantic association between the speaker and what they said, but also affords the option of noting what they did as well as what they


Semantically, I would have thought that had more meaning that multiple repeated headings. It would be interesting to know whether current assistive technology handles definition lists correctly, and whether they allow definition lists to be navigated easily."

For the screen reader faction of assistive technologies, I can't locate much information on Window Eyes historically, but know that version 5.0 supports definition lists and navigation through each list item of same.

Jaws has been capable of identifying definition lists, at least as far back as version 4.5. It does have distinct trouble navigating list items in such lists though. Jaws uses the quick navigation key I to move between list items, but up to and including version 6.2, this quick nav key fails to acknowledge definition list item pairs.