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RE: Does visual layout matter for screen reader users?


From: Sinead Hogan
Date: Oct 25, 2005 10:40AM

Yes I have tried defining a tab order but its a bit of a nightmare for the particular app I'm working on. This problem has arisen with only one interaction type. Thankfully, the default tab/read order that Flash determines has worked very well for all of the other assessment/interaction types. I may eventually have to define the tab order and all that entails, but if this quick solution could work, it would be a lot easier.

Regarding your comment on keyboard users; The default tab order is turning out to be different from the default read order. The tab order when a screen reader is not active will remain in the main content swf, before moving up to the host swf. When a screen reader is active all elements are read out according to their screen layout regardless of which swf they're in. So for keyboard use - though not ideal - the default tab order works well enough.

Still hoping my quick fix will do... ?

Thanks again,

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Have you tried modifying the taborder? The reading order for screen readers is derived from the tab order, so if you set the taborder for different objects:

thisobject.tabIndex = 1;
tahtobject.tabIndex = 2;

you'll get the desired behavior without resorting to a separate version.

A keyboard-only user will not necessarily use a screen reader (most screen reader users are keyboard users, and most keyboard users are not screen reader users), but will certainly benefit from good tab order.