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Re: Does visual layout matter for screen reader users?


From: Joshue O Connor
Date: Oct 25, 2005 12:40PM


I don't wish to confuse you regarding Andrews advice for "tabindex" but
I would add a word of caution. We only recommend using "tabindex" for
form navigation, if at all. So be careful how you implement it if you do
use "tabindex". A screen reader user may navigate the page by using
headings (h1, h1 etc) so mark up your content correctly to facilitate
this. I feel this is a better approach. Also many screen reader users
actually bypass all this by extracting links from the page and navigate
by using them, or a combination of both headings and link extraction. So
give special attention to naming links well, especially when read out of

Again think twice before using "tabindex" - as it must be done correctly
or it is counter productive.

Joshue O Connor

Web Accessibility Consultant

**Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)* *
National Council for the Blind of Ireland

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Andrew Kirkpatrick wrote:

> Sinead,
> Have you tried modifying the taborder? The reading order for screen
> readers is derived from the tab order, so if you set the taborder for
> different objects:
> thisobject.tabIndex = 1;
> tahtobject.tabIndex = 2;
> you'll get the desired behavior without resorting to a separate version.
> A keyboard-only user will not necessarily use a screen reader (most
> screen reader users are keyboard users, and most keyboard users are
> not screen reader users), but will certainly benefit from good tab order.