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Need Help With Images


From: marvin hunkin
Date: Oct 26, 2005 8:00PM

now asking requests for any one who has the following expertise:

1. has enough vision to be able to see images, edit them on a web page.
2. a web master, web guru, or some one who designs websites.
3. need some one to edit my images, for my site, about 250, jpgs, gifs, bmp,
and let me know what the height and width of each image is, so it displays
nicely under neath my heading, on the banner frame of each page.
if any one can help me out, then e-mail me privately.
and a nice service for sending more then 22 mb is a web site called
if any one can help, then let me know asap.
will need the images in a week, and then e-mail me back the files, and a
word document, with the width and height, so i can put them in my html
source code on my pages.
cheers Marvin.