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NEW - Web Accessibility Toolbar EN 1.2 (English language version) now available


From: Steven Faulkner
Date: Oct 26, 2005 10:40PM

NEW - Web Accessibility Toolbar EN 1.2
NEW - Web Accessibility Toolbar EN 1.2 (English language version) now

At long last I have managed to release the new English version of the
Toolbar! The Web Accessibility Toolbar EN 1.2 is now available. There
are a heap of new and updated features including:
Integrated colour contrast analyser application.
New source menu with some old favourites and new functionality:
including source highlighters and 3rd party DOM inspectors.
Bug fixes galore
New functions such as, show blockquote and Q, Show internal links, Show
Titles, Show Table headers and Navigation via link element.
A new IE options dialog interface for screen reader and keyboard only
Popup blocker detection for functions that open in new windows.
Enable/disable hot keys for users who encounter key combination

Download WAT [for IE] EN 1.2
About - Web Accessibility Toolbar 1.2
Web Accessibility Toolbar Functions
Web accessibility Toolbar and WCAG 1.0
New Web Accessibility Toolbar Blog

Many thanks to all those who helped, especially JUn and Sofia Celic,
Andrew Arch and Brian Hardy

with regards

Steven Faulkner
Web Accessibility Consultant
vision australia - information & library service
454 Glenferrie Road
Kooyong Victoria 3144
Phone: (613) 9864 9281
Fax: (613) 9864 9210
www.accessibleinfo.org.au | www.wat-c.org

Vision Australia was formed through the merger of the Royal Blind
NSW, the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, Vision Australia
Foundation and the National Information & Library Service.
ABN: 67 108 391 831 ACN: 108 391 831

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