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RE: Help on approach for annotating images


From: Malcolm Wotton
Date: Dec 3, 2005 1:40PM


Thank you for your comprehensive post beginning.

> You are apparently replying to my message. It is customary to
> express such
> things with attributions - not for courtesy, but for understandability.

I understand your points but I read your response to be a little
patronising, and I find that disappointing.

I am not an expert on accessibility, I'm a beginner. And I'm trying to do
the right thing, which is why I'm asking questions in this forum.

>From your comments I have inferred that you think I am am being deliberately
obstructive. So I shall sign off and not bother you again.

That said, thank you for your comments on fixed font sizes - I shall fix
them, and also the link to the access keys info.