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RE: Help on approach for annotating images


From: Malcolm Wotton
Date: Dec 3, 2005 3:00PM


Thanks for the comments: I can now make the site visible (at least in a test
version) so you can see what's been done so far:


General comments from me:

1) the black and white version works for me, I actually use it - so _I_
think it's useful :)

2) Even the main site makes sense (I think) if images are replaced with ALT.
Fonts are resized, and with alternative colour schemes (as long as you make
a sensible choice). The alternative view is an 'extra'. Ie I have _tried_ to
make the main site accessible, however I'm not sure how successful I've

3) QUOTE 'Access keys (at least as currently defined and implemented)
mostly _reduce_ accessibility'

Can you point to a reference or survey for this? or is it a point of view? I
could remove all access key features but I really want to know it's going to
be an improvement.

4) The disability access page is always accessible - it's on the main menu,
the question is how much prominence does it need?

Thanks again