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Re: State Abbreviations in Dropdown - Permitted?


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Dec 5, 2005 5:40AM

Rimantas Liubertas wrote:

> Seth Godin rises interesting point in his "Big Red Fez" book, namely,
> if someone is filling a form, he keeps both hands on the keyboard, and
> drop downs are usually operated with mouse, so selecting item from drop
> down requires additional action.

Depends on the browser and whether it is set to offer auto-fill. I use
the mouse all the time when filling in forms because as soon as I type
the first letter of my name, address, postcode etc. I get offered a drop
down of the possibilities that start that way so I nearly always select
from a drop down for the common fileds like name, address, e-mail and phone.
Personally I prefer to select from a drop down because it lessens the
chance of mistyping (I have poor hand/eye coordination so I often type
one key out).