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Re: Help on approach for annotating images


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Dec 5, 2005 6:20AM

Malcolm Wotton wrote:

> 2) Regarding Alt-V access key: Thank you for identifying a bug/error/issue.
> After comments made in this discussion list about the inadvisability of
> access keys I removed the 'V' and 'N' access keys (mostly because they
> clashed with the Alt-V behaviour in windows). I also updated the information
> page locally, but forgot to upload it to the server. Consequently the page
> told you to use Alt-V, but I'd fixed the code so it didn't work any more.
> I've fixed it now (ie I've changed the text - Alt-V is _not_ an access key
> as this seems to be the consensus here)

Ah, I'm just catching up on list mail so I must have tried the page
after you'd changed it :-)

> PS I've also managed to get the main section to an 800px width. The top
> banner is still too wide & needs more work. I'm now trying to address the
> fixed font size issues.

Pity about IE and fixed font sizes; it resizes just fine in Firefox.