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Avoiding controversy - I want a simple life


From: Malcolm Wotton
Date: Dec 5, 2005 7:40AM

Hi All,

I'm starting a new thread here as I think this is a different topic - so
apologies if you disagree.

It seems to me that in some areas of web accessibility some areas have
consensus, I was pleased to learn about these and I'm (slowly) adopting
these as I have time to change the site I work on.

However there are other areas that are much more contentious (access keys
being the main one). With disagreement between the community here,
governments, standards authorities etc.

>From my point of view - I am a beginner in web accessibility, I want to 'do
the right thing'. In particular I'd rather have a 'checklist' than debate
about what's right and not, I don't want to be an expert. Unfortunately I
started with flawed checklist so ended up with a flawed design (at least
according to the community here)

Is there a such a checklist that identifies 'consensus' items and
'controversial' issues separately?