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RE: Accesskeys (was RE: Help on approach for annotating images)


From: Malcolm Wotton
Date: Dec 5, 2005 8:20AM

Wow, that's a comprehensive list :)

Well you've persuaded me I'll take them out, BUT if a funding body says we
have to follow the standard (as part of the conditions of getting the
funding) they will go back in. I only mention this because often the
conditions for receiving funds can refer to standards compliance. It all
depends whether the UK government standard is one they go with.


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> Subject: Accesskeys (was RE: [WebAIM] Help on approach for annotating
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> Malcolm Wotton wrote:
> >
> > Can you point to a reference or survey for this? or is it a point of
> > view? I could remove all access key features but I really want to
> > know it's going to be an improvement.
> No Malcolm, there are very real problems, and if you can remove them,
> please by all means do so:
> Using Accesskeys - Is it worth it?:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeys/19
> More reasons why we don't use accesskeys:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeyconflicts/37
> Accesskeys and Reserved Keystroke Combinations:
> http://www.wats.ca/resources/accesskeysandkeystrokes/38
> Link Relationships as an Alternative to Accesskeys:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/accesskeyalternatives/52
> The Future of Accesskeys:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/thefutureofaccesskeys/66
> The XHTML Role Access Module still flawed:
> http://www.wats.ca/articles/xhtmlroleaccessmodulestillflawed/80
> Please note: there are voices out there who will argue for Accesskeys.
> I wish to state that while the *IDEA* of providing accesskeys (or more
> accurately, custom keyboard navigation) could be a real benefit to some
> users, the current implementation causes the potential for so many user
> issues that they out-weigh any potential benefit.
> The W3C has indicated that they will be deprecating the accesskey
> attribute in the next-gen XHTML 2, however, to my absolute frustration,
> they seem committed to still providing the author with the ability to
> bind a specific key to a "ROLE" or access-point, which I argue will
> perpetuate the same problems that we see today with accesskeys. I have
> detailed these concerns extensively in the final article referenced
> above - "The XHTML Role Access Module still flawed"
> I urge all to read this final article - I really hope that the Web
> Accessibility community will speak up and let the W3C know that the
> *need* for specific key-binding does not exist, it is imagined, and that
> specific key-binding will continue to cause problems.
> JF
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