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RE: Help on approach for annotating images


From: John Foliot - WATS.ca
Date: Dec 5, 2005 11:40AM

Penny Roberts wrote:
> Leaving
> aside arguments about whether access keys are any use or not, aren't
> they supposed to override the browser defaults?

And if the "default" is a critical keystroke instruction for the end
user? Who's really in control here?

As a horrid example of exactly this type of issue, go visit the Us.gov
web site (http://www.us.gov). Under normal circumstances, users on a
Windows machine would use ALT + F to access the File Menu command
(which, presumably, is an important, if not generally universal,
keystroke command). However at the us.gov site, it DOES NOT DO WHAT YOU
WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT IT TO DO (Open the File Menu Dialogue): instead it
takes you to the "Ask your Question" page. This is Accessible? This is

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