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RE: Help on approach for annotating images


From: Malcolm Wotton
Date: Dec 5, 2005 3:00PM

Hi Penny,

Thanks for the comments:

1) Regarding the style sheets, I'll think if it can be done (it should be
possible, but the skin system actually allows a completely different HTML
not just a css change) Generally anything that is achievable in CSS is kept
in CSS so this should be practical.

2) Regarding Alt-V access key: Thank you for identifying a bug/error/issue.
After comments made in this discussion list about the inadvisability of
access keys I removed the 'V' and 'N' access keys (mostly because they
clashed with the Alt-V behaviour in windows). I also updated the information
page locally, but forgot to upload it to the server. Consequently the page
told you to use Alt-V, but I'd fixed the code so it didn't work any more.
I've fixed it now (ie I've changed the text - Alt-V is _not_ an access key
as this seems to be the consensus here)

Thanks for taking the time to look.


PS I've also managed to get the main section to an 800px width. The top
banner is still too wide & needs more work. I'm now trying to address the
fixed font size issues.

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> Malcolm Wotton wrote:
> > I have a site that has 2 skins - one with fewer images, and larger black
> > white text to aid visually impaired users.
> You could make the other version an alternative style sheet instead of a
> separate version so that users could select it (provided of course they
> are using a browser like Firefox or Opera that allows selection) or have
> a style changer on each page.
> I use access keys for the
> > standards that exist (there is a UK government standard). I have a
> > disability access page with information about the alternative view.
> I had a problem accessing the alternative view: when I used the access
> key (on Firefox) it brought up the Firefox "view" menu instead! Leaving
> aside arguments about whether access keys are any use or not, aren't
> they supposed to override the browser defaults?
> Penny
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