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Re: Speech enabling software


From: ben morrison
Date: Dec 15, 2005 11:00AM

> Just so I understand, who is the main target for these types of
> technologies?
> Is it those that are dyslexic and perhaps those that can understand the
> language but maybe not read it as clearly?

I have been asking the same question - my guess is those with learning
difficulties, is it an added bonus?.

> The drawback to the readspeaker, it seems, is that I can't interact with
> it. It just reads the page from top to bottom, so it certainly doesn't
> look like a replacement for a screen reader.

I dont think its aimed as a replacement for a screen reader, there is
a small amount of interaction - you can get a list of links and goto a
numbered link. It can highlight areas whilst speaking them - we havent
included all of this functionality yet - which involves adding tags to
the html code.