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RE: Speech enabling software


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Dec 15, 2005 11:40AM

> We are currently evaluating the use of readspeakerXT
> (http://www.readspeaker.com/) on our website, it would be
> good if we could get some feedback or anyones thoughts on
> this product. We like the fact that the end-user doesn't have
> to download any plugin, although the cost is obviously an
> issue for lots of companies.

Just so I understand, who is the main target for these types of

Is it those that are dyslexic and perhaps those that can understand the
language but maybe not read it as clearly?

The drawback to the readspeaker, it seems, is that I can't interact with
it. It just reads the page from top to bottom, so it certainly doesn't
look like a replacement for a screen reader.

Though, I must say, that voice is infinitely better than the one JAWS
uses (which seems to be stuck in circa-War-Games era voice