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FrontPage and DreamWeaver made accessible


From: Oyler, Ildiko
Date: Jul 24, 2000 6:16PM

I am developing instructions for faculty and staff on how to develop
accessible web sites using FrontPage (later on I'll tackle DreamWeaver) and
I need help. Is there anyone out there available to hire on as a consultant
who is knows FrontPage and accessible web design guidelines or who knows of
someone who does??
The following is an example of what I have in mind.
KoKo Oyler
Guidelines for Developing Accessible Web Pages in Front Page 98
1. Graphics/images
All graphics/images should have a descriptive caption along with ALT
(alternate) text.
In the Front Page Editor: Right click on the graphic/image (photo, symbol,
drawing, map) you want to caption. On the Edit menu, choose Image
Properties. In the Alternate Representations area of the Image Properties
dialog box, type the alternate text in the Text field. E.g. "Photo of Main
Hall with flowers in bloom." When choosing your text, use words for the
non-sighted user that would convey the purpose of the image in a given