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Re: FrontPage and DreamWeaver made accessible


From: Prof Norm Coombs
Date: Jul 24, 2000 6:24PM

We in EASI are beginning a wysiwyg set of materials re accessibility. What
do you have in mind?
Norman Coombs
At 06:16 PM 7/24/00 -0600, Oyler, Ildiko wrote:
>I am developing instructions for faculty and staff on how to develop
>accessible web sites using FrontPage (later on I'll tackle DreamWeaver) and
>I need help. Is there anyone out there available to hire on as a consultant
>who is knows FrontPage and accessible web design guidelines or who knows of
>someone who does??
>The following is an example of what I have in mind.
>KoKo Oyler
>Guidelines for Developing Accessible Web Pages in Front Page 98
>1. Graphics/images
>All graphics/images should have a descriptive caption along with ALT
>(alternate) text.
>In the Front Page Editor: Right click on the graphic/image (photo, symbol,
>drawing, map) you want to caption. On the Edit menu, choose Image
>Properties. In the Alternate Representations area of the Image Properties
>dialog box, type the alternate text in the Text field. E.g. "Photo of Main
>Hall with flowers in bloom." When choosing your text, use words for the
>non-sighted user that would convey the purpose of the image in a given