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Re: stylesheet changers (WAS Font Resizers (WAS RE: backto top)


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Jan 18, 2006 8:30AM

Sam wrote:

> I was taught that having stark white background was a no-no. So, if
> we're talking about coding to suit users then don't we simply avoid it
> (rather than provide an alternative)?

I too understand that an off-white background is better on a web page:
for many different users. White is a combination of all the colours so
it is the brightest colour on screen... which must be bad for just about
everyone's eyes whether they know it or not.
Seems that the people who commission the web pages usually want stark
white (maybe because they are still thinking of the printed page).

> Would you be happy with black text on an off-white background (rather
> than white on black)?

Yes, but I prefer backgrounds that are darker than off-white: many
people would find my ideal (as a user) colour combinations difficult to
read. I saw a site just today that I could have looked at all day... it
was on "Websites That Suck" being criticised for too little contrast!

> Out of interest, how off-white does it have to be and are we talking
> grey or some other colour?

I find the standard "accessibility green" very easy on my eyes. Grey is

> Sam

Hi Sam: we all delurk in the end :-)

> PS. I like the idea of different style sheets conceptually but I see
> them as a bit of a gimic (like skins) rather than an accessibilty
> issue (not saying they're not).

They are sometimes a gimmick I think; but there is usually a nice one
(for me) in there so I'm happy.