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Valid HTML improves accessibility


From: Paul Bohman
Date: Aug 16, 2000 6:13PM

There are a lot of key elements that go into the design of accessible Web
pages. One important element is to make sure that the HTML (the markup that
the Web page is written in) is actually valid markup. Most Web authoring
tools (an authoring tool is any software that helps you create a Web page,
such as Front Page, Dreamweaver, Home Page, etc.) do not automatically
create valid HTML. Many of them allow you to go into the code and alter it
so that it is valid HTML, but most of them use shortcuts that aren't always
the best for accessibility. The older authoring tools are especially bad at
this. Newer ones are somewhat better. None of them are perfect, however.
To make sure that your pages use valid HTML, I would recommend checking them
with the W3C's HTML validator. This can be found at http://validator.w3.org.
This tool can validate both HTML and XHTML pages. It also has a link to a
tool which validates your style sheets if you use them.
There are other validators as well. Check out these links for more

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