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From: Paul Bohman
Date: Aug 18, 2000 6:14PM

WebAIM will offer an online course in "Universal Web Design and Disability
Access" from October 2, 2000 until December 1, 2000. Anyone can enroll, and
there is no fee during our first run of the course. We hope to offer the
course for university credit in the near future (possibly January). The
first run of the course will not offer university credit, but it WILL offer
a wealth of information, training and resources with regard to Web
accessibility. I encourage anyone who is interested to enroll and to invite
others to enroll. This is an excellent opportunity for university webmasters
and anyone else.
The course can be accessed at
http://www.blackboard.com/courses/INST5320/index.html. When you click on the
preceding link, you can follow the link for Guest Access ("Visit as a
guest...") or enroll from the same page.
Hope to see you there!
Note: The course is hosted by Blackboard.com because WebAIM is working with
Blackboard to improve the accessibility of their course design software. You
will notice that there are some minor accessibility issues (for example: the
course site uses frames which are created automatically by Blackboard's
template system), but the site is quite accessible as it currently stands,
and students with disabilities should be able to successfully complete the
course with few or no special accommodations.
Paul Bohman
Technology Coordinator
Web Accessibility in Mind (www.webaim.org)
at the Center for Persons with Disabilities (www.cpd.usu.edu)
at Utah State University (www.usu.edu)