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RE: WebAIM course


From: Leonard R. Kasday
Date: Aug 19, 2000 7:58AM

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the course announcement. I'm very glad to hear you're working
with blackboard because that's what we use here.
I glanced at the home page with the WAVE and noticed that the login button
has missing alt text. There are also a couple of decorative graphics with
no alt text and that need ALT=""
I then clicked over to the register page. The enroll button has no alt
text and is a javascript button [submit()] which is a gratuitous barrier to
folks with browsers, e.g. pwwebspeak, home page reader, lynx, that don't do
This is using the beta of wave 2.0
I realize of course that none of this is your doing: it's what comes with
Blackboard. We're in the same situation here like I say.
As for frames... as you know, w3c/wai doesn't consider that an
accessibilty problem if the frames have good names and preferably titles...
I take it you're more conservative on that one?