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Participants Wanted


From: Singh, Manik
Date: Jan 24, 2002 4:45PM


Research participants wanted for an experiment to evaluate performance of
visually impaired users with web-based applications.
Participate in a single session experiment to study the effects of different
navigation strategies using the screen reader JAWS on performance of blind
users. Participants will perform a set of tasks on web-based applications
using JAWS. The total study time will not exceed 2 hours per participant. We
will have $150 as incentive for each participant who takes part in the
study. We will also pay travel costs of the participants. The study will be
conducted between 1/27/02 to 2/07/02.
It will be conducted at the SAP Labs office in Palo Alto, CA.

To participate in the study you should meet the following requirements:
* Should be a local San Francisco, Bay Area resident
* Should be a blind computer user with JAWS experience (participants
who use JAWS in conjunction with a Braille device will be required to use
the application only with JAWS)
* Should have basic computer applications knowledge
* Should have used the web with JAWS for at least one year
* Should have good English speaking skills

This experiment is part of SAP's commitment to making our products
accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. If you are
available between 1/27/02 to 2/07/02 for a minimum of 2 consecutive hours
and would like to be part of this research, please contact:

Manik Singh
Usability and Accessibility Specialist
SAP Labs.
(650) 799 8041

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