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RE: browser-based editor previously (no subject)


From: Travis Roth
Date: Mar 28, 2006 3:30PM

Thanks Karl.
I was thinking about the user interface itself. The code it outputs is a
good point however for me to consider as well.

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I've used FCKEditor, which produces very clean markup if you set it up
right. Right now I'm fighting with it to stop breaking the back button when
the widget loads, but other wise it has been great. I do not, however, have
any information on how accessibile the thing itself is to use.

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> Hi all,
> Are there any browser-based rich text editors (wysiwyg) such
> as you find or creating and editting content in a CMS that
> is accessible? Especially to a screen reader? I'd like to
> find an example of a Section 508 or WCAG 1.0 compliant one,
> however I don't know that one exists. Any suggestions on
> this or what adaptations could be made to make a typical one
> more accessible?
> Thanks.