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Embed Tag, JAVA, and JAWS


From: Jeff Isom
Date: Aug 21, 2000 3:46PM

I have a couple of questions about JAWS.
The first is more of general accessibility question. I know that the EMBED tag is not supported by HTML 4.0, but many sites use it. It is often
used in conjunction with quicktime movies. What is the best way to accomplish the same thing as the EMBED tag, but make it accessible.
Also, when I accessed a page with an EMBED movie using JAWS, it skipped over the movie. I am new to using JAWS, is it possible to get to
access content an embedded movie using JAWS?
The second question deals with JAVA. I have heard tha JAWS can access JAVA applets. Is there a keyboard shortcut from JAWS access
Norm, I would especially appreciate your help with these questions.
Jeff Isom
Instructional Designer
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