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Baby Question re separator (greater than and pipe)


From: smithj7
Date: Apr 14, 2006 3:50PM

Since I'm still working on the new web design for Florida Blind
Services, I've been diligently reading archives about issues that could
improve usability of our site. The use of separators and speech is one
of these items. I have a few baby questions even after reading threads
and articles linked to some of those threads.

I actually liked the idea of using a border in the css style sheet for a
separator of links in my required footer (look of footer established by
Parent Organization). Worked fine, till I checked site without css
style sheet. Text without separators for sited persons won't be
approved by my parent organization. One of the my co-workers that uses
speech suggested using a graphic (surrounded by white space) as a
separate, but with the alt being the double quote with no speech on
graphic. He says he just wants the links and doesn't care how they are
set up on a page. I guess in this case the separator is more for the
sighted world.

I've also read up about the separators for bread crumbs. I like the
idea of using a graphic rather than the greater than symbol. I liked
the suggestion of "Now at". But should I put the "Now at" label on each
of the bread crumb separators? Seems like that could also be a pain for
a speech user: e.g. Home link Now at Business Enterprises link Now at
Business Opportunities link Now at Facility 533 Announcement.

Would like to hear more suggestions on this topic.