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RE: FW: Adding a label to search box - example that confusedreal users


From: smithj7
Date: Apr 18, 2006 6:30PM

At the bottom of all DOE mail the following lengthly text is electronic
linked to a survey of the person who sent the email. Two blind people
that use speech have called be with problems in responding to the
survey. After talking to them, I was sure that they were stuck in the
header files "index list". (Note this is DOE's fixed header.) To me, it
is some what of an example that bad coding can confuse a typical user.
(Note if the link does work and you go to it, and decide to reply to the
survey, provide a stellar response, cause I linked to a real footer to
one of my emails. <all fives and remarkable comments always appreciated>

Text and link starts here:

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on the quality of service
you received. The Department of Education values your feedback as a
customer. Commissioner John L. Winn is committed to continuously
assessing and improving the level and quality of services provided to
you by Department staff. Simply click on this link to the "DOE Customer
Survey". Thank you in advance for completing the survey.
DOE Customer Survey
http://data.fldoe.org/cs/DOE/default.cfm?staff= <EMAIL REMOVED>

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Hoffman, Allen wrote:
> OK this probably is more open ended a question than I should ask, but:

> Why do people feel the need to have an edit box for searching without
> associate textual visible cues?

Is a big submit button immediately next to it reading "Search" not
enough of a visible cue? Has the "input box plus 'search' or 'go' submit

button immediately to the right" not been firmly established for years
now and many major sites?

I'd like to see some counter-argument research showing that this very
particular situation is causing confusion to users.

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