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Perl, cgi, SSI - another baby question


From: smithj7
Date: Apr 19, 2006 6:40PM

I was searching archives again, this time, regarding the use of Perl,
cgi, or SSi to provide more interactive website development. I wasn't
able to find much. The server I'm on is set up for SSi. Scripts I use
to ensure more interactivity are generally Perl. All but one of any of
the scripts have been made by some one else and provided for free.

I'm now trying to go through the "out put" code section to make them
xhtml complaint. I discovered most are set up for table outline so my
task is a bit more, as I hope for a "table less" layout.

I haven't seen much on the topic of how to develop such scripts to
ensure accessibility. Users do like even simple items such as a monthly
poll. Web folks like such scripts to easily maintain content, FAQs, or

I found a great site on how to use SSI header, footer, menus, with CSS
style sheets. But nothing that focused on accessible "Perl" scripting
output for lack of a better way to get to my baby question.

Is this need overlooked, or I'm uninformed - he..he.. won't surprise me.
For example, is there any existing script for a quiz and/or FAQs using
perl that out that includes the idea of accessiblity? If there isn't,
is there another way that people maintaining sites that don't have
access to asp and don't use javascript (hate having to deal with doing
it twice with an accessible equivelent in the no script) to have access
to a simple poll script or quick means to develop something like FAQs?