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RE: Buttons vs Submit WAS: Drop down list, css, and xhtml


From: Patrick Lauke
Date: Apr 21, 2006 4:10AM

> ben morrison

> > http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/interact/forms.html#h-17.5
> >
> Are there any downsides to using buttons - for some reason I have
> avoided them and have always used type="submit"

If I remember correctly, Netscape Nav 4.7 and before didn't understand
the button element.

Not sure about Safari, but any other modern browsers should be able to
deal with it correctly nowadays.

One thing I did find, though, is that it looks odd in Lynx. If, for instance,
you have a button of type="submit" containing a few paragraphs of text, Lynx
will first display "(Submit)", followed by the actual text of the button...

Patrick H. Lauke
Web Editor / University of Salford
Web Standards Project (WaSP) Accessibility Task Force