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Re: Buttons vs Submit WAS: Drop down list, css, and xhtml


From: Patrick H. Lauke
Date: Apr 21, 2006 7:30AM

Quoting ben morrison < <EMAIL REMOVED> >:

> Did u test a button with paragraphs of text as its content? i take it
> Lynx places the (submit) before any information included in the
> button.

I tested a page with the following

<button type="submit">
<p>This is the button...</p>
<p>...with some paragraphs</p>

Which is rendered in Lynx as

This is the button...
...with some paragraphs

and the focus is on the (Submit)...so I'm wondering how users with a
combination of Lynx + braille display (or similar AT) would experience
this, as it's not obvious that the content of (which effectively acts as
a label for) the button follows the (Submit).

Patrick H. Lauke