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Question for the WebAIM group


From: Cyndi Rowland
Date: Aug 31, 2000 12:20AM

I hope someone in the WebAIM discussion group can help me with an
accessibility problem I have run into. I know this great group offers
practical advice to lots of folks on different topics. I am counting on
the input of at least one of you to help me solve the problem. Here is the
In my distance ed program we used Web CT for ONE of our online classes this
summer. I know that they are NOT accessible yet, and I may migrate out of
WebCT to someone else but I think the problem I experienced would be fairly
universal. I am trying to figure out a work around to this dilemma
regardless of the course software I would use.
In this class we use weekly quizzes as one of the many assignments to get
students to master the content. We spent a lot of time coming up with good
questions that could be used for multiple years. I am concerned that as it
stands, students can print off these quizzes and possibly share them (i.e.,
share them during the semester -- I'll do this one and you do that one and
we'll combine resources --, or from one year to the next). I am looking
for a way to create the quizzes and disable the printing function in their
browser window. I have heard that it is possible to put the quizzes into a
Java applet or a flash video or something similar, but without advanced
programming these could not be made accessible. I understand that if it's
in HTML it can be printed. Any thoughts from the group?
Cyndi Rowland