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Newsletter layout with three to four available formats


From: smithj7
Date: Apr 30, 2006 9:30AM

Our newsletter page has become a nightmare for sighted folks and our
library will be adding at least one more format, still disussing rather
to add the brf (braille format file).

I really need to have a better layout for this page. I need some ideas
on how to do this.

This newsletter is a quarterly newsletter. I was thinking to make it
easier to use drop downs (perl script).

For the label I say something to the effect:

Touch and Listen html
Touch and Listen pdf
Touch and Listen audio
Touch and Listen braille

Then list options from newest to oldest.

The other newsletters are monthly and only in html so I can use jan.
feb. by year.

View current page at: http://dbs.myflorida.com/newsletter/index.shtml