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Html questions


From: marvin hunkin
Date: May 2, 2006 9:40PM

Good Morning.
thought i would ask you html and web gurus on this list.
possibly be able to help me with some problems i got with developing my
if this is off topic, i apologize, and give me a local group in Australia,
where i can ask this question.
Need your help.
1. developed a 80s music site, a star trek site, and a disability site.
got a page called Welcome.html in a folder called
and then got three folders, one called MarvinsStarTrekPage,
MarvinsEightiesMusicPage, and MarvinsDisabilityPortalPage
now, had the orriginal files, and modified them, and redesigned, reedited,
now got the problem, that on my three 80s music pages, got a frame called
Navigation, and now when i try to go back to my main page, Welcome To
Web Portal, get the error that cannot find server, and so tried looking on
the web to try to fix the html code, and using textpad, as my text editor.
now, will be putting my site, up as soon as glen Bracedginal gives me a free
account on his site, as on my big disability site, developing at the moment,
advertise his site on my front disability page.
now how do i fix this problem.
will paste the url page code below.
now this one is driving me crazy.
so am i missing something, or being a dummy, do i put the full path, or just
the ../ path, then the file, or do i put the Welcome.html file, in each
to reference back to the main page?
okay, let me know what i am doing wrong, and let me know.
here is the url page, on the local hard drive. it is:

<p> <a href="../MarvinsWebSite/Welcome.html" title="Welcome To Marvins Web
Portal" target="content" accesskey="W">Welcome To Marvins Web Portal</a>

2. now developed a star trek page, and now got a table for each star trek
series of the actor, and part.
now, for some strange reason, want the heading of the actor and part on the
same line, with a space in between, but it is on two lines.
now how do i fix this one?
is their any tips, tricks, or techniques, and looked on google, but could
not seem to find anything.
now, also the same with the table data, there it is the actor and part on
two lines, and want it on one line with a space in between, but on two
if any one has had this problem before, how do i fix this one?

3. now for some strange reason, when doing paragraphs using the <p> and the
</p> tag, and removing the <br> tag, in jaws, and using internet explorer 6,
on a windows machine with jaws 6.1, when reading using the down arrow,
instead of having all the lines, under each other, in between the paragraphs
, jaws
says blank, and the line is blank.
would like to have all the lines, and my paragraphs without a line break,
and how do i get my paragraphs to have all the lines, without jaws saying
inbetween, or is this just the way, internet explorer does this?
tried looking on google, and could not find any thing.
so sorry to be a pain, but these issues, are giving me a migrain, and
tearing my hair out.
so if any web developers, or blind web gurus, have run into the same
let me know of any tips, tricks, techniques, or links to sites, where i can
try to resolve these problems.
thank you for listening to my ramblings, but had to explain my self
cheers Marvin.