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Re: JAWS and relative positioning


From: Joshue O Connor
Date: May 31, 2006 2:20AM

Hi Steven, Stephane,

> The sad thing is that I'm not too much in favour of
> telling the visitors straight away "hey, this site uses advanced CSS, and
> since you're using a relatively new version of JAWS you should press Ins+V
> otherwise this site will be unusable".

I have to agree. Though obviously a user agent must develop as technologies and "standards"
improve, it' s such a pity that older user agents user are often left out of new "developments",
or forced into (often unobtainable) expensive upgrades to keep up.

Also, its not good to fall into the trap of being very "JAWScentric", you must ask yourself, 'How does IBM Homereader deal with the same issue, or Window Eyes?".

If it is a case that advanced CSS features are causing these kind of problems, I just
would not use them, especially if the sites you develop are to explicitly serve clients with disabilities.

Best Regards


Joshue O Connor

Senior Web Accessibility Consultant

Centre for Inclusive Technology (CFIT)
National Council for the Blind of Ireland

Website: http://www.cfit.ie
Tel: 01 8821980

Stephane Deschamps wrote:
> <quote who="Steven Faulkner">
>>Hi St