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Re: JAWS and relative positioning


From: Stephane Deschamps
Date: May 31, 2006 6:50AM

<quote who="Joshue O Connor">

> Also, its not good to fall into the trap of being very "JAWScentric", you
> must ask yourself, 'How does IBM Homereader deal with the same issue, or
> Window Eyes?".

Yes, but in France JAWS is very big, so I have to be a bit "JAWScentric" ;)

> If it is a case that advanced CSS features are causing these kind of
> problems, I just
> would not use them, especially if the sites you develop are to explicitly
> serve clients with disabilities.

Hm. Actually the site addresses quality web development, accessibility and
design, and showcases a conference on those topics (a French atmedia, if
you like). So one of our criteria for the HTML/CSS combo was: use the HTML
you've got as much as you can without adding too much design-oriented
clutter in the code.

I guess one can't win on both levels. That's sad, and all the more sad
than JAWS 5 is OK with that. It's a bug/feature situation :(

I'll leave the code as it is for the moment. Anybody from Freedom
Scientific on this list?

Stephane Deschamps
Paris Web 2006 :