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Re: Using the accessibility features of Acrobat


From: Joe Clark
Date: Jun 2, 2006 2:20PM

>1) Acrobat added a some uninvited stuff to my MS Word menuand it
>takes more space than it is worth in my large print environment. How
>do I ditch that stuff?

Through the standard means of reorganizing MS Word menus?

>3) The documentation is small and it doesn't come up in the regular player,

What documentation and which player? You could resort to the blind
person's hack of copying and pasting into another program.

>6) I don't seem to be able to spread out the spacing between lines,
>letters and words on documents I pull off the web. For many
>partially sighted and dyslexic individuals this is very important.
>Is there a fix for this?

I doubt it. I also doubt that you really mean intercharacter and
interword spacing, which requires a page-layout program to alter
(yes, I know Word can kind of do it).

>7) Size and color control are very nice, but sometimes authors use
>fonts that are difficult at best to read. Can I re-style the fonts
>of reasonably structured documents?

In a PDF? No. Which fonts are you thinking of? (Comic Sans and Arial?)

>into markup language. Acrobat saves to HTML 4.01, but it doesn't
>behave all that well. Are there better tools for converting to

There are, but they tend to be expensive server-side tools. How is it
"misbehaving"? (You certainly won't get valid HTML out of Acrobat.)


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