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RE: JAWS and relative positioning


From: smithj7
Date: Jun 5, 2006 4:30PM

Where I work we have a person that is a beta tester for Jaws. (He also
is a friend of mine a former blind programer and in charge of our
Management Information System section.) Also because I work for Florida
Blind Services and Freedom Scientific is a Florida company we actually
know many people from Freedom Scientific. Do you want me to contact
someone for this issue? I can ask my friend to join to discuss this
issue. It appears that you have somewhat solved the issue.

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Stephane Deschamps wrote:
> Anybody from Freedom Scientific on this list?

Good question. There is one on this list. But I rarely see activity from

any of the major screen reader development companies on ANY of the
accessibility lists. But that's an entirely different issue.

This is certainly an interesting case. And from my testing it could
certainly disadvantage JAWS users accessing more advanced CSS enabled
sites unless it is either fixed or screen reader users are educated
these new feature behaviors. Any guesses as to which one would be most

I'll work on putting together some test cases and see if other CSS
practices invoke this behavior.


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