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Re: Moodle and Accessibility


From: Jared Smith
Date: Jun 27, 2006 9:40AM

John E. Brandt wrote:
> The latest version (v 1.6) of Moodle, the open source distance learning web
> application is now available for download. This version addresses some of
> the accessibility issues noted in past versions - but still does not meet
> all standards for accessibility.
> The Moodlers are working on v 1.7 which WILL be fully accessible. The design
> team have listed their scope of work and are looking for input (and perhaps
> help) in the development.

Great news and very timely. WebAIM is working on a project right now to
improve accessibility of a client's Moodle installation. Our documentation
will be submitted back to the Moodle team. While it's great that they are
making strides, many of the accessibility 'fixes' in 1.6 are pretty poor
and in some cases worse than previous versions (the breadcrumbs, for
instance). Their intentions are good, but they just need more input from
folks that really understand accessibility.

Jared Smith