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RE: Opinions on Plone


From: L
Date: Aug 22, 2006 2:20AM

John Foliot wrote:

"Taking a serious look at Plone as a CMS, but am curious to hear feedback, kudos and brickbats alike."

I used Plone for a while last year and found the interface to be extremely cluttered for use with a screen reader. Poor link/button text, poor overal page structure and simply too much information made it less than straightforward to use.

With tweaking, it was possible to create accessible output, but this didn't happen out of the box. I wasn't involved in the setup, so don't have any detail beyond that I'm afraid.

As an open source CMS however, it's probably among the closest to accessible with a screen reader, although only the HTML editor worked with any grace for me. I believe it also has a wiki style editor, but I'm not a fan of using these in favour of markup, as I already know html, so there's little sense in learning another set of codes.