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Re: are there any accessibility testing best practices


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Aug 23, 2006 8:40AM

One of the issues that has come up with FAE [1] is that a developer may create an accessible template, but then a user can enter their own HTML through some type of editing intereface (in your case a blog).

We do plan to add more features to make it easier for developers to locate problems. So you will be most likely be able to do this in a future version.

But you can use the Mozilla/Firefox accessibility extension[2] to look at the header structure of the page and see through the list of major/minor topics where the problem is.


[1] Functional Accessibility Evaluator

[2] Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Extension

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>Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:03:37 +0100
>From: "Emma Duke-Williams" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>Subject: Re: [WebAIM] are there any accessibility testing best practices
>To: "WebAIM Discussion List" < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
>I've just had a look at the Functional Web Accessibility Evaluation
>Tool - in the future, are you likely to be saying at what point the
>site has failed?
>For example, it tells me that after the H1, there are 16 header
>elements, of which one is nested improperly.
>The H1 is pretty near the top!
>It would be useful to know where the problems are, so that I can think
>about how I can fix them. As it's a blog, some things are rather
>complex & it might be a case of swapping templates - and it's useful
>to know if it's something I've done, or something they've done.
>On 8/23/06, Jon Gunderson < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote:
>> The University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign is developing a set of best
>> practices for web accessibility and two free tools to help people verify the
>> use of the best practices.
>> HTML Web Accessibility Best Practices
>> http://html.cita.uiuc.edu/
>> Mozilla/Firefox Accessibility Extension
>> http://firefox.cita.uiuc.edu
>> Functional Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool
>> http://fae.cita.uiuc.edu
>> Jon
>Blog: http://www.tech.port.ac.uk/staffweb/duke-wie/blog/

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