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Re: Menu lists


From: Moore, Michael
Date: Oct 18, 2006 7:20AM


Its simply good semantic markup. A menu is a list of links. (Web
Standards) For more information consult the Web Standards Project at
http://www.webstandards.org/ or check out related articles at ALA

>From a screen reader standpoint, it is possible to discover the number
of items in the menu and to easily skip past the menu when it is marked
up as an unordered list.

I wouldn't be surprised to find that search algorithms take advantage of
list mark up either.


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Christian Heilmann wrote:
>> Current practice seems to be to use lists for menus. Remind me: is
>> this to satisfy 10.5 (printable characters between adjacent links)?
>> Is there more to it than that?
> Let's turn the question around: What else would you use?
> Different options to choose from to me is a list.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for the reply but on this occasion I need something more
concrete to point to: I need to be able to quote chapter and verse so to


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