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Re: CMS modernity (was: address tag)


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Nov 30, 2006 8:40AM

> If there were a usable, accessible WYSIWYG editor that
> produced good code, CMSs would be a hell of a lot better. (Or
> at least, they would have the potential to be).

Xstandard is quite nice.

That said, there truly isn't such a thing as WYSIWYG editors that can
produce ideal code, as to produce ideal code, one needs to understand it
at that level.

The nice thing about Xstandard is that, to an extent, you can steer
folks in the right direction by limiting the styles and markup they can
use. That said, no matter how hard you try, someone can still STRONG a
line of text instead of making it a H* tag.

The only real way around that is to have very specific and definted
content templates...which seem great in theory, but tend to be a real
pain in the real world for a lot of web sites.

Also, while not ideal, Xstandard's table editor is fairly robust (I
noticed you were complaining about that in other WYSIWYG editors on your