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Re: address tag


From: Penny Roberts
Date: Nov 30, 2006 9:00AM

Austin, Darrel wrote:

> (I have a rather bad opinion of the CMS market space... ;o)

The biggest problem is that the reason for using a CMS is usually so
that *anyone* can add content without any specialised knowledge. It
doesn't matter how good the underlying CMS is, it all goes to pot when
someone who knows absolutely nothing about standards, semantics,
accessibility etc. is let loose on it.
So, for instance, in the one of the pages that I inherited there were
big chunks of text marked up a H3. They weren't headings but the person
who created the page knew nothing of headings; only that it produced big
bold text which was what she wanted.
Of course you can argue that it requires better training or a
limitation on who can use it: but that defeats the object of why the CMS
was chosen in the first place.