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From: Gareth Dart
Date: Nov 30, 2006 8:00AM

I'm working with Joomla, and found it to be the best of a middling bunch in terms of accessibility (I've had to do some tweaking here and there).

Oddly enough, when my predecessor in this job did an appraisal of all the CMSes out there, he found that there was precious little difference between commercial and open source products in terms of the accessibility of their output. According to his report, across the board on all features, in fact, commercial CMSes did not usually exceed their open source counterparts. Some commercial CMSes were not even platform independent in terms of browsers: they needed IE6 to work properly...

It's an immature area so far.

Gareth Dart
Web Developer

>We're perhaps straying a bit OT here, but...
>Seems that many CMSes these days are a decade behind in terms of
>concepts like semantic markup, accessible markup, CSS-P, and true
>separation of content and structure.
>Even 'modern' CMSes products like Joomla still have presentation markup
>stuck in the DB and intertwined into their own templating engines.
>(I have a rather bad opinion of the CMS market space... ;o)